Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Egbert Landon

My 3xgreat-grandfather Egbert Benson S. Landon (1823-1886), daguerreotype, date unknown (guess is 1850ish).

 From my family photo collection.

© 2012 Nicole S. Dettmar


  1. How cool that you know for sure who this is. I have a few of these very old photos, one of which I blogged about at My Third Great Grandfather because I know who he is. I have a few more that I think are from the same family, but no notes with those, so I'll never be sure.

  2. Thanks for visiting Elizabeth, I love that we both blogged about our 3rd great grandfathers' very old photos today! This is the only daguerreotype our family has and we are most thankful that we know who he is.

  3. I recently found 4 full photo albums of family from my dads side. I love them!